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Corporate Structure

Richard Dentzman

President and Chief Executive Officer

Richard Dentzman has worked in numerous offshore research diving & mapping programs and has over 27 years of experience with subsea communications, positioning, surveying and mapping experience.  He was educated at the University of Illinois, receiving a B.S. in Geology and an M.S. degree from North Carolina State University in Geological Oceanography.  While attending NC State University, Mr. Dentzman was involved in many underwater research projects and logged hundreds of hours working as a diver for NOAA/NURC out of Wilmington, NC.  He previously held positions as Owner and CEO of AquaMap, and as U.S. & Global Sales Manager for several marine technology companies.  Mr. Dentzman has worked with underwater acoustics & communications, defense and maritime security and as the Sonar Sales Manager for Klein Marine Systems.  Mr. Dentzman also served nine years in the U.S. Navy serving four of those years onboard a nuclear fast attack submarine.

Paul Duncan

Managing Director, Seismic Asia Pacific Pty Ltd Australia and Vice President of Marine Optical Solutions

Paul Duncan has over 30 years of experience in the Land and Hydrographic Survey Industry. He began his career working for Morrison Knudsen International in Western Australia on the major Iron Ore railway lines as a Party Chief and then transferred to Zaire (Belgium Congo) as Chief Field Engineer. Mr. Duncan moved to Iran where he was the Project Engineer for a major motorway project and after 10 years with Morrison Knudsen, he relocated to Hong Kong as Managing Director for a Land and Marine survey company. As Managing Director, he was involved in a large number of projects in the region. In 1984, Mr. Duncan returned to Australia and joined Seismic Asia Pacific Pty Ltd as Managing Director developing a network of agents throughout the Pacific rim and winning major Hydrographic/ Oceanographic projects in the region.

Paul K Duncan

Executive Director, Seismic Asia Pacific Pty Ltd Australia and Vice President of Marine Optical Solutions

Paul K. Duncan joined Seismic Asia Pacific in 2016 and in this time he has gained a comprehensive understanding of the industry we operate in and the vast amount of products and systems that are available on the market for hydrographic and geophysical applications. In an ever fast changing and innovating world, he keeps himself up to date and educated within the industry and with our major manufacturers and suppliers that we represent ensuring the most suitable solutions and products are presented for our client’s needs and requirements.

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