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Marine Optical Solutions, Inc was founded to invest, develop and deliver undersea optical communication solutions that provide high-speed broad band data transfer for static and mobile undersea assets and vehicles.

The optical technology provides a wireless subsea link to underwater assets currently with 100 plus Mb/s data rates which enables true wireless operations and real time teleoperations and also has technology development capability to reach terabyte data rates.

Marine Optical Solutions, Inc is part of the Seismic Group, “Seismic Group Holdings Pty Ltd”, its wholly owned subsidiary Seismic Asia Pacific Pty Ltd, also known as “SAP”, was established in 1998 and prior to that was a part of Seismic Supply International founded in 1959. Over the course of this time SAP has established itself to be one of the leading providers to Government Agencies including Defence, Geophysical, Hydrographic, Oceanographic, Seismic, SME survey companies within Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim.

SAP has a Global Supply Chain with leading manufacturers and we engage with our customers to understand their needs, requirements and applications, enabling us to provide suitable services and products. SAP’s Corporate Office is located in Brisbane, Queensland Australia with local Seismic Asia Pacific companies in Thailand (Seismic Asia Pacific Thailand Co., Ltd.) and The Philippines (Seismic Asia Pacific Philippines Inc.) and offices in Singapore and Jakarta.

Seismic has applied their extensive industry knowledge with consulting expertise from our partners to become industry leaders in systems integration and ‘turnkey’ solutions and is developing leading autonomous and robotics technologies.
Our mix of expertise in non-developmental COTS requirements, and as an ISO 9001:2015 quality accredited business, enables us to guarantee a low-risk solution at a very competitive price for our customers.

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